Writing ampersand tattoo

On the inner arm, a thin tree trunk grows up from the wrist toward the elbow. It is topped with scraggly, reaching limbs that serve to give off an air of mystique and wonder. This New School styled sleeve wraps around the forearm.

Writing ampersand tattoo

writing ampersand tattoo

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writing ampersand tattoo

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Colored Ampersand Tattoo On Wrist. Colored And Black Ampersand Wrist Tattoo. The BuzzFeed Style Guide aims to provide a prevailing, and evolving, set of standards for the internet and social media.

Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

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Her. Forearm Tattoos for Men This tattoo is a prime example of popular Blackwork of today. On the inner arm, a thin tree trunk grows up from the wrist toward the elbow. The ampersand is an allusive image that can represent a plethora of significant meanings depending on the intent of the symbol.

Above all else, it is a symbol of continuation, an additive relic from the Latin language that is completely inclusive.

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