Why not nothing

There is no becoming of what did not already exist, there is no unbecoming of what does exist.

Why not nothing

Share via Email Illustration: Francesco Ciccolella I am bleeding from the wrists in a toilet cubicle of the building I have therapy in, with my junior doctor psychiatrist peering over the top of the door, her lanyards clanking against the lock. Her shift finished half an hour earlier.

They are all ridiculously handsome. One of them is called Austin. I feel bad for Austin. I want to go home but I am not allowed. The police ask me to tip out the contents of my jacket.

Tampons fall out, with four sad coffee loyalty cards, each with a single stamp. Then I make a break for it because, seriously now, I just want to go home. The four officers surround me at the building entrance. One officer who has done his Taser training threatens to section me if I do not stop struggling.

As if you can just section me, I say. That is not how it works. It turns out this is exactly how it works. I am put in handcuffs.

Three other police turn up in a van — seven now.

Why not nothing

A woman searches me, running gloved hands along my calves. I ask to call someone. A police officer says, now is not a good time. I feel like this is totally a good time.

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I am bundled into the van.The music video for "Why Not Nothing?" was directed by Max Dodson and features the Perspex Confession Box, which was the original working title for the album Keys to the World. At the end of the video, Richard puts his guitar on the floor and the start of Music Is Power can be heard in the background.

Particles from empty space. First we have to take a look at the realm of quantum mechanics. This is the branch of physics that deals with very small things: atoms and even tinier particles.

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Asked about 4 years ago by Alice Anne. Votes · 49 Followers · Seen by 30, Good Question; Follow this Question · . Why not, why not nothing? Why not, why not nothing? Why not, why not nothing?

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Why not, why not nothing? x2. Photos 'Cos it's a high road on your own you gotta learn the way you do Take my advice don't let em treat you like a fool Hey brain, I wanna look you in the eye That's when we started singing. Jun 18,  · I can not download anything at all on my computer! Everytime i try it starts to download and then almost immediately after it says couldn't be downloaded.

I have tried to press retry, restart my computer, looking it up online and I can't find any answers as to why it's doing this.

Know-Nothing party, byname of American Party, U.S. political party that flourished in the s. The Know-Nothing party was an outgrowth of the strong anti-immigrant and especially anti-Roman Catholic sentiment that started to manifest itself during the s.

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