Vimy ridge significance essay

Canadians should remember that Vimy Ridge was not their triumph alone.

Vimy ridge significance essay

Battle of Vimy Ridge: History Battle of Vimy Ridge: Vimy Ridge were a meter tall fortification, which had an unobstructed view for several kilometers Vimy Ridge- Radessays. The ridge was located near the French town of Arras. The first battles at the ridge took place between the Germans, who controlled the ridge, and the British and French.

Vimy ridge significance essay

Eventually, the Canadian army would help fight in this battle. They took over the operation and were able to seize the ridge in a five day battle with the Germans.

Before the battle is discussed, it is important to understand the history which led to the decisive Canadian victory. In Septemberwith the war two months old, the Germans captured Vimy Ridge.

Vimy Ridge was obviously valued by both sides because of Vimy ridge significance essay high elevation. Once the Germans controlled the ridge, they acted quickly to ensure they would control the ridge for a long time. They constructed deep defensive positions throughout the ridge, including bunkers, secret passages, caves and artillery-proof trenches.

With these positions set up, their artillery constantly pounded the town of Arras, which was 12 kilometers southeast of Vimy Vimy Ridge- Spartacus. The French were the first to try to put a stop to this. Although the French performed admirably in their efforts, their attack was brutally repelled.

The French attack in led to casualties for the French Cook. The next group to try to overtake the Germans was the British. The British were doomed before the battle even started.

As word got out of an imminent British attack, German artillery fire increased. The British were pushed 2 kilometres off the front by this artillery. The Canadians knew that the key to this battle was going to be their preparedness. The Canadians spent weeks behind the front lines preparing for the battle by fighting in terrain similar to that of the ridge.

For the battle, the Canadians constructed mile upon mile of tunnels. This would be used to get to the ridge without having to deal with massive amounts of shellfire. Aerial photos were taken of the ridge for the Canadians to carefully study.

Once all of these steps were completed, the Canadians were more than ready to completely destroy the Germans. Weeks in advance of the battle, the British and Canadians had been ruthlessly shelling the ridge in order to weaken the Germans.

The battle began on April 9, at 5: Success in the battle was instantaneous for the Canadians.

Vimy ridge significance essay

Within 30 minutes, the First Canadian Division had completely overrun the first German lines along the ridge. A half hour later, the Canadians had overrun the 2nd line of German defense as well.Battle of Vimy Ridge – World War 1 A defining moment for Canada in World War 1 was the battle of Vimy Ridge, which took place on April 9, This was the first battle that Canadians planned and executed.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The Battle of Vimy Ridge: The Birth of The Canadian Nation Essay - One of Canada’s largest military endeavors was the battle of Vimy Ridge during World War One.

It was a fierce battle between Germans and Canadians. The Battle of Vimy Ridge The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought on April.9 th, Vimy is known as one of Canada’s defining moments in history.

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Vimy ridge significance essay