The voyages and adventures of captain james hook

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The voyages and adventures of captain james hook

Captain James Cook was born in and died in Among his many achievements as a navigator and explorer, he was the first person to map Newfoundland, the first European to have contact with the Eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands and he completed the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand.

Cook charted and recorded several islands on European maps for the first time. He charted large areas of the Pacific more accurately and gathered accurate longitude measurements during his first voyage.

Cook was accompanied on board by many scientists, including botanists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander who collected over 3, plant species, and artist Sydney Parkinson who completed drawings of immense scientific value to British botanists.

The observations and discoveries of these learned companions added to the importance of the voyages. Cook detailed in his written work where he went, what he saw and who he met but these works do not offer any insight into Cook as a person. Cook was the son of a farm labourer, and the second of eight children in his family.

When the family moved to Great Ayton inhis father James arranged a job for Cook through his employer, Thomas Skottowe.

The job was in a shop on the North Sea coast and this location introduced him to the sea. His employer at the shop was William Sanderson, who knew a family of ship operators in Whitby and Cook became an apprentice there.

In fact, his ship the Endeavour, was originally a collier. In he was offered command of a collier, but declined and enlisted in the Royal Navy as an able seaman. He served with the Royal Navy from topatrolling the English Channel and taking part in the capture of several French ships.

During this time, Cook was in Canadian and Newfoundland waters. His ship took part in the siege of Louisbourg in and in the capture of Quebec.

He was assigned a small schooner, the Grenville. Over the years, Cook added astronomy to his various skills and submitted the results of his observation of a solar eclipse on the south coast of Newfoundland to the Royal Society of London.

The Royal Society had petitioned the British government and the Admiralty to send astronomers on a ship to observe the Transit of Venus in Cook was promoted to lieutenant for the voyage. The crew stayed in Tahiti for three months, observing the Transit of Venus.

Cook toured and surveyed the island, writing detailed descriptions of the island and its people. Next, the Endeavour began, unsuccessfully, to search for the Southern Continent. The Endeavour returned to the UK on 13 Julyafter a voyage of almost 3 years. The return was anticipated by the public and the Navy but the acclaim was directed to Joseph Banks.

Cook was promoted to Commander and had returned to Britain with charts of Tahiti, New Zealand and the coast of Australia. While the Transit of Venus was observed successfully, the existence of the Great Southern continent had not been resolved. Both were ex-colliers, Cook was in charge of the Resolution, and Tobias Furneaux commanded the smaller ship Adventure.

Cook took chronometers with him, one of which was a copy of a John Harrison chronometer that would revolutionise navigation. He sailed from Plymouth in July and returned to Britain in late July During this second voyage, he became the first to cross the Antarctic Circle. Crossing the Pacific without sighting land, he laid to rest the myth of the Great Southern landmass and returned with a quantity of journals and charts which represented surveying and cartography of the highest order.

Despite the disaster of the Adventure which saw members of a shore party killed in the Pacific, Cook consolidated his position in the Admiralty and was now a celebrity beyond naval circles. Mai had been brought to Britain by Tobias Furneaux.

A secondary purpose was to investigate the existence of the Northwest Passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Again, Cook took two ships.

He commanded the Resolution while Charles Clerke captained the Discovery.

The voyages and adventures of captain james hook

While in the Hawaiian Islands, Cook was killed during a fight. Clerke assumed command, but when he died of tuberculosis, John Gore brought the ships back to Britain in late During the third voyage, Cook described Tonga, Hawaii and the North West coast of America in detail; however he did not find the North Western passage.

On the Endeavour voyage, Cook carried secret instructions to be read after he observed the phenomenon. These instructions authorised him to search for and take possession of a continent or great land mass thought to exist in the Southern Hemisphere.Captain James Cook Essay Examples.

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The Voyages and Adventures of Captain James Hook. words. 1 page. An Essay on the Discovery . Captain James Cook FRS (7 November – 14 February ) was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to making three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, during which he achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia Education: Postgate School, Great Ayton.

James Hook, sometimes referred to as James, was a pirate captain during the Age of real name was unknown, though he was generally known as James to other pirates. James was notorious for his bad temper, though was subdued over time.

James Cook was a British navigator and explorer who sailed and mapped much of the South Pacific. Where did Captain Cook grow up? James Cook was born on October 27, in Marton, England. His father was a farmer, but as James grew older he began to .

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