The catered cranium connection

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The catered cranium connection

By Katharine Schwab 6 minute Read Almost everyone can relate to the feeling of social isolation—lunch time at a new school, a party with no familiar faces, the first day on the job. While there are many resources for children with autism, there are few aimed at helping an older demographic make friends and find their way in a social world.

By providing an easily understood structure for socializing, the game enables individuals on the spectrum to share their passions and preferences and learn about others at the same time, helping them make connections in their peer group.

The game was an honorable mention in the student category of the Innovation By Design Awards.

The catered cranium connection

The three spoke with researchers, developmental pediatricians, parents, teachers, and individuals on the spectrum to understand the challenges they face. However, they were initially met with resistance.

One individual they met at an assisted living center told them off, saying that he already knew how to socialize. One person living in the assisted living center told the designers that he felt frustrated about getting to know his roommates.

We thought, is there a way to help them get to know each other better? These small design flaws make them less than ideal for autistic adults who want to play on their own without supervision. With these details in mind, the three designers set out to create a game that would be easy to understand, that individuals could play on their own, and that ultimately would help foster connections and promote friendship.

Instead, the designers turned toward a conversation-based idea that, after many sessions of user testing and feedback, would end up as the final game. They turned to compelling questions and activities to encourage social connections and ended up with four categories of color-coded cards: Solo, Partner, Team, and Challenge.

This gives the game a sense of progression and an ending. Challenge cards encourage the players to step out of their comfort zones, and everyone is asked to participate as well. Still, realizing that some people may not want to answer every question, the designers gave them an out with Skip cards—everyone gets two at the start of the game.

The designers also tested the visual design of the game. Knowing that strong colors like red can trigger emotional responses for individuals on the spectrum, they chose a more muted color palette that is as neutral as possible while still looking bright and fun.

The catered cranium connection

Patel, Jacobson, and Ligon have now wrapped up an overfunded Indiegogo campaign and are currently sourcing all parts of the game. We understand that need. Email her at kschwab fastcompany.Cranium Cafe has catered to institutions that understand the value of human interaction and have come up with a solution that aids the teaching staff by providing a more accessible portal for .

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