Tda 2 10 support learning activities

Autism spectrum disorder ASD: Learning disabilities can include developmental speech and language disorders and academic skills disorders.

Tda 2 10 support learning activities

Tda 2 10 support learning activities

I feel my strengths are: Being positive, enthusiastic ,willing to learn new skills, approachable, contribute, having good people skills, punctuality, listening, using common sense and discipline where needed, using my initiative to provide help and support where needed.

I feel that my strengths impact on the support that I can provide in a positive way, this usually encourages children to approach their work and be this way themselves. They can and want to learn more in a happy positive environment.

Through developing a close professional working relationship with my class teacher we have good communication skills that enables us to work together to deliver a lesson successfully. Once I have read the planning activities for the day or if I am asked to support a learning activity, I always ask my teacher before class commences if I am unsure of anything to rectify any issues so I can deliver my activity to the best of my knowledge.

If I had a weakness in the activity and did not inform in my teacher that I didn? Although I do move around the classroom to assist, I tend to sit on the support table in my year 1 class I sit next to pupils who I have recognised need further encouragement, I have given feedback on a pupil where she gets her b?

Having the desire to improve on my weakness is the first step to my development. My personal weakness is I currently attend 2 full days at Woodslee as I have work commitments.

School are aware of this and have been very supportive. I miss out on the start of the week of the curriculum but when I am in not only do I look at the planning sheet I also ask the class teacher what the children have been up to in the days I have missed as I am genuinely interested, but also gives me a better understanding if they are to do any unfinished work to complete.

Another weakness I may have is giving out green W?

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I need to ensure I am clear of the objectives of the lesson, the groups that I will be supporting. Having discussed what activities we would be doing in the class room it is my responsibility and my role to prepare the class room with the relevant equipment.

In my year 1 class the class teacher adapts the learning to meet the individual needs of groups of children. We have 3 groups? Examples of adapting to meet the different needs was numeracy, children had to think of 10 different sums adding up to 20 for the extension for the core group adding up to 15 support adding up to Example of literacy was recognising rhyming words in a poem; this was adapted to meet the individual needs of the children, Extension were able to write sentences from a list of words and thinking of rhyming words independently, Core needed to do the same but with support in choosing and thinking of rhyming words, Support needed to choose rhyming words to complete the sentences with the help of adults and if able to do so write them down.

To access how the activities are being delivered and how they could be improved, evaluation is important as it helps out when planning and helps you to think about the learning that has taken place.

Spending time going through the learning activities and seeing how pupils have responded to a certain task or question can help re shape for future classes. It is also important to look back at the learning objects so you can measure what the children have learned. If it is not thought over carefully about learning objectives at the planning stage, it will not always be possible to evaluate whether the pupils have achieved them.

Learning objectives need to be clear for learners to understand what the outcome is; they must be achievable with the age range of the children. We need to access pupils against them.

Evaluating helps you see something is succeeding or may need changing. If pupils completed the activity then were bored then it would be obvious the task was too easy for their stage, it would then have to be amended. If the activity took longer than expected and you could see the children really struggled it would have to be addressed.

Pupils may not meet the learning objective but they may have enjoyed the subject and participated fully in the lesson, this would be recorded, and communicated back to the teachers who are involved in the planning.

Resources are important in learning activities you have to prepare relevant equipment, be it books, paper, stationary, photo-copied activities, ICT equipment in advance; these plays an important part to monitor the learners progress, individual pupils may need intervention to keep on track.

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Evaluating learning helps the teachers put the pupils in relevant performance stages and to give them end of year targets. I informed my assessor I always keep post it notes when delivering feedback to my teacher on which pupils did well in their activity either completing the task or neat handwriting with finger spaces, capital letters etc.TDA Level: 2.

Credit value: 4. Guided learning hours: Unit accreditation number: A// Unit purpose and aim. This unit provides the knowledge, understanding and skills to support learning activities.

It Level 2 Unit 11 Support learning activities. • TDA – Support children and young people’s positive behaviour • TDA – Support learning activities The qualification consists of the following.

TDA Describe how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities. In my role as a teaching assistant I may be involved in any stage of the planning, from long term, to short term. Level 2 Certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools – Rules of Combination Qualification Title Level 2 Certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools Credit Value 30 Credits to be achieved at the level 2 TDA TDA Support learning activities 2 A// 25 4 Total Credits Required from Mandatory Group Preparation and assessment for HLTA status in association with the HLTA National Assessment Partnership (HNAP) is not eligible for funding using the apprentice levy scheme.

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