Sir edmund barton the first prime

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Sir edmund barton the first prime

Andrew Jackson Various as were the topics of instruction pursued by my youthful teachers, my father had still others.

His soldier habits and tastes never left him.

Sir edmund barton the first prime

Those were also strong political days--Andrew Jackson days--and very naturally my father became my instructor in military and political lore. I listened breathlessly to his war stories.

Illustrations were called for, and we made battles and fought them. Every shade of military etiquette was regarded. Generals, colonels, captains and sergeants were given their proper place and rank. So with the political world; the president, cabinet and leading officers of the government were learned by heart, and nothing gratified the keen humor of my father more than the parrot-like readiness with which I lisped these often difficult names, and the accuracy with which I repeated them upon request.

One day, Dolly suspected that Clara's ideas of the nation's political and military leaders were somewhat vague, so she managed to get Clara to reveal what her impressions were in regard to the persons whose names she and importance she learned.

To the amusement of the family, it was found that she had no concept of their being men like other men, but had invested them with miraculous size and importance. I thought the president might be as large as the meeting house, and the vice-president perhaps the size of the school house.

And yet I am not going to say that even this instruction had never any value for me.


When later, I, like all the rest of our country people, was suddenly thrust into the mysteries of war, and had to find and take my place and part in it, I found myself far less a stranger to the conditions than most women, or even ordinary men for that matter.

Clara's early formal education When she was three years old not an uncommon age to start a formal education at the time Clara was sent to school with her brother Stephen, who carried her nearly a mile through the snow drifts on his shoulders.

Among her childhood teachers was Col. My home instruction was by no means permitted to stand in the way of the "regular school," which consisted of two terms each year, of three months each. The winter term included not only the large boys and girls, but in reality the young men and young women of the neighborhood.

An exceptionally fine teacher often drew the daily attendance of advanced scholars for several miles. Our district had this good fortune. His glance of disapproval was a reprimand, his frown something he never needed to go beyond.

The love and respect of his pupils exceeded even their fear.

Sir edmund barton the first prime

It was no uncommon thing for summer teachers to come twenty miles to avail themselves of the winter term of "Col. He had married at eighteen. The opening of his first term was a signal for the Barton family, and seated on the strong shoulders of my stalwart brother Stephen, I was taken a mile through the tall drifts to school.

I have often questioned if in this movement there might not have been a touch of mischievous curiosity on the part of these not at all dull youngsters, to see what my performance at school might be.

I was, of course, the baby of the school. Stone was a descendant of Hugh Stone of Warwick, R. When, after a few weeks, Clara's brother Stephen was declared by the committee to be too advanced for a common school, and was placed in charge of an important school himself, Clara's unique transportation became the responsibility of her other brother, David.

No colts now, only solid wading through the high New England snow drifts. Serious illness - age five Clara had no recollection herself, but in later years she was told that when she was five years old, she became so seriously ill that the doctor was summoned from a nearby town by a rider who rode out on his fastest, strongest horse, with such haste, that those who saw him knew something bad had happened at the Barton's.

When he returned with the doctor, people of the town had gathered in the yard and along the road. Shortly the verbal bulletin went out: A sudden, unaccountable and probably fatal attack of bloody dysentery and convulsions. There was no more for the sympathetic neighbors to do; they turned sadly away, and with them went the report that Captain and Mrs.


Barton had lost their little baby girl.Sir Edmund Barton, (born January 18, , Sydney, New South Wales [now in Australia]—died January 7, , Medlow, New South Wales, Australia), statesman who guided the Australian federation movement to a successful conclusion and became the first prime minister of the resulting commonwealth in Edmund Barton 01 Jan 1st Prime Minister and 1st Governor-General Lord Hopetoun became the first Governor-General and Edmund Barton the first Prime Minister.

Both were sworn in at the ceremony inaugurating the Commonwealth of Australia. Sir Edmund (Toby) Barton (), federationist, first prime minister and judge, was born on 18 January at Glebe, Sydney, third son and youngest child of William Barton and his wife Mary Louisa, née Whydah; his eldest brother was George Burnett Barton.

William had arrived in Sydney from London in as accountant to the Australian . Sir Edmund Barton was the first Australian Prime Minister who was a strong crusader of federalism, supporting a united commonwealth. He also strongly advocated the practice of trade without any restrictions posed by duties and Of Birth: Glebe.

Sir Edmund Barton (18 January – 7 January ) was the first Prime Minister of Australia. He was born in the suburb of Glebe in and died from heart failure in the Blue Mountains in The memorial is to be found on the top staircase of the Lord’s pavilion and takes the form of a nowy-headed wooden board with gold lettering that is accompanied by a framed print giving details of membership, date elected, date of death and place of burial.


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