My top 5 expectations for attending college are

The financial aide department was awful.

My top 5 expectations for attending college are

My top 5 expectations for attending college are

University of Phoenix is a business just like all schools. Of course the admission specialists are working to get you enrolled and get that money, but what you have to remember is that you are going to pay for your degree regardless of where you decide to pursue your degree.

I did enough research to understand how demanding this program would be and how much it is costing me. I love that I can track my progress to my degree any time. I am not expecting to fast-track my degree, but what I am doing is completing it as fast as I would if I was attending a campus-based university full time.

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I am completing about the same amount of work that I would complete in a regular school setting, but it's consolidated into 5 week courses. I was able to apply previous school and military experience as credits towards my degree and I will be completing my CLEP exams this year to possible eliminate up to 8 months of courses.

She called a lot during the beginning of my program to answer questions and check in. She now calls me at least once during each course.

There have been times that I would have trouble making attendance or participation and she would give me tips that made a difference.

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Sometimes, just printing out my text book helped me through tougher courses. She has been through the programs, so she knows how to successfully navigate through them. Was this review helpful?“CLC offers so much more than cost savings. I’ve received an excellent education that’s a good stepping stone to my goal of becoming a marriage counselor.”. | College Hoops Home. The top national college basketball news, featuring a daily roundup of the big national college basketball stories that matter. FLVS (Florida Virtual School) is an accredited, public, e-learning school serving students in grades K online - in Florida and all over the world.

The Difference. Our biblically-based, accredited college degree means that Bible and theology is at least 25% of your accredited coursework.

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Moreover, your general studies courses (history, science, etc.) and electives have God’s word as the basis for your classroom or online experience, your assignments, and your interaction with classmates and professors.

I took a 5 year break and Phoenix has not improved. I have spoken to three supervisors in last month and still did not getting anywhere. I sent all my information in May 5th to my enrollment counselor which was to transfers to Financial Aide Advisor.

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College of Biblical Studies