Marco porter theory essay

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Marco porter theory essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Moral Case Study: Fetal Abnormality Essay Sample All throughout life we go through and sometimes have to face and deal with the most challenging and unexpected circumstances.

Thankfully, we have the ability to take a moment and think wisely about our choices. Because that is ultimately what life is about making decisions. In the Case Study: Fetal Abnormality Jessica and Marco are faced with some unfortunate news from Dr.

Wilson, that the fetus Jessica was carrying was not likely to develop any arms and had a quarter of a chance of having Down syndrome.

They were faced with a couple of options to deal with the situation accordingly which was either to keep, abort, or give the baby up for adoption. However, each of the individuals involved gave their recommendation for action based on the different moral status theories.

When it comes to Aunt Maria, I would associate two theories with her, which is the moral agency and the relationship theory.

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For one she is involving God in the equation as being a factor in the decision making process for both Jessica and Marco in regards to aborting the fetus. Immediately when she mentioned God and the fact that He intended the pregnancy to happen, me being a Christian, I know that He makes no mistakes and for Jessica and Marco to go along with the abortion it would be seen as sinful.

Given that the aunt displayed the moral agency and relationship theory each influenced her recommendation in various ways. Based on the scenario given, she relied on her morals and therefore took it upon herself to make a judgement call towards Jessica on whether or not it is right or wrong to choose abortion.

When it comes to the relationship theory, Aunt Maria has applied it to the fetus in relation to Jessica motherhood. Seeing that the theory says that roles coincide with the relationship between beings, the Aunt, like stated before gave Jessica the role of mother when she urged her to take care of her responsibilities of a mother.

As far as Dr. Wilson he has demonstrated the ways of the human property theory to determine the moral status of the fetus. The human property theory influenced Dr. And since the baby will be born without arms, the doctor might have found it just to abort the baby since it lacks the physical human characteristics of arms.

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I would also associate the moral agency theory with Jessica because she saw life as something sacred. However, I feel as though she is a bit indecisive about the decision.

Now this is when the moral agency comes into the equation.

Marco porter theory essay

As far as her husband Marco is using the relationship theory to determine whether or not to keep the child. He has already accepted the responsibility of fatherhood and foresees the burdens put on him and Jessica if they were to continue through with the pregnancy.

In this situation I believe that it is an uneasy decision that no one should have to make. As a result one might say that the theory I relate too is the moral agency one.

I chose to handle the decision based on my morality and I thought that it was not right to choose to terminate the pregnancy. Due to me judging the situation and deciding what was right and what was wrong, my decision was heavily influenced by the moral agency theory.

This is exactly why people do have to stop and think rationally about the decisions that will be made.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

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