Getting lost in a world outside of my own

Getting Lost in a World Outside of our Own June 5,admin1 Comment While the world is awesome in a lot of respects, the day to day grind can get to anyone. We are humans after all, and even the most enlightened and wise people still have to deal with real world problems. This is why sometimes, the idea of escaping the world altogether is an awesome prospect. Of course, some world are much better than others and offer different experiences for users, so with that, here are some of the best.

Getting lost in a world outside of my own

Conversation, demands and the battle between waffles or pancakes as I crack eggs, whisk flour and milk, melt butter and create golden brown circles for my family. Then the waves of clean up noise, the reversed clattering and crashing of plates and cutlery scooped up again, the happy chatter about the day — put on your clothes, brush your teeth and hair, put away your laundry.

I escape briefly to my bedroom. In my bedroom, ancient wooden windows with single panes of glass stop birds from entering but allow the swish of the wind to echo.

The sunlight is fading from the glorious golden yellow of early morning to the whiter, more worn light of midday. And there is silence. Pure, simple, silence, inviting my breathing to slow and my ears to hear the sounds that are long and low within myself.

Story continues below advertisement This moment of sudden, unexpected total relaxation seems to snap my body into alignment; I stop, straighten and breathe.

Immersed in myself, I feel the peace and deep unhindered calm of the moment. That glimpse of depth in the seconds of silence makes me wonder what I would find if I explored it for longer. Only in silence do I feel the vague questioning of the choice I made of moving my family overseas from our home in Calgary for my career.

Only in silence do I hear the self that is separate from the chatter of children and wonder who that person might be. So I booked a trip to find out. I wanted to extend those moments of searching silence, and see what I could find. I travelled, for the first time in a decade, without my husband or kids.

I went with a friend, who shares an appreciation for wilderness and silence, to trek in Iceland. I hoped that the meditation of walking, in a place with no cellphone service, would help me better understand who I want to be. For six days, we were immersed in wild, raw scenery and real weather — all kinds of weather.

The mountains in Iceland are uncluttered by trees, they rise in black pinnacles, contrasted by white mounds of snow. The weather slams into the land after travelling across the northern Atlantic. Scaling a mountain against sheets of rain and returning to a hut for a simple meal reminds you how little you actually need.

And how strong it feels to be uncomfortable sometimes. I was reminded of how much I enjoy those aching tested muscles, and how it is possible to face the storm with good humour. How purposely chosen discomfort can be rich with happiness. I found silence in Iceland, and time to consider the me outside of career and the me outside of kids as I shared stories with strangers with no shared past and no expected future.Top 10 Virtual Life Games: Getting Lost in a World Outside of our Own.

June 5, , admin, 1 Comment. While the world is awesome in a lot of respects, the day to day grind can get to anyone.

Nov 24,  · Have you ever gotten so lost in your thoughts that you lost touch with reality?


November 24, I too am highly creative and an outside-the-box thinker. I used to be much more lost in my own head and out of touch with the world around me when I was younger.

I think for me the biggest factor in changing that was my long-time. If you meditate and focus, the combination of living within your head and in the world outside it, will allow you to create incredible things.

In all honesty, meditation and focus is a must for every single individual who finds him or herself lost in thought 90 percent of the time. To inspire active participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of the sports, people, places, adventure, discoveries, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends and events that make up .

Nov 07,  · Listening to a great song can make you feel in touch with the world outside your own head. You can do this by going to a concert, playing an old CD in your car, or even getting a record player and some LPs and going old school%(K).

Have a very big list of goals, so that you do not have time to get lost in your mental world and feel as if you are not alive any more.

Getting lost in a world outside of my own

What we need is zest, thrill and adventure in life. Focus, dedication and commitment to work, tasks, goals, wishes and dreams brings in a sense of feeling worthwhile!

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