Food inc research paper

Better absorbed and retained [22] Selenium Nearly 2 times better retained [23] Zinc Better absorption, better form [24,25] Numerous university studies have concluded that supplements containing food nutrients are better than USP isolates.

Food inc research paper

Food inc research paper

The movie Food Inc. The documentary, directed by Robert Kenner Oscar also touches on how other factors such as the income of consumers affect what they eat and the inverse relationship between the profit of food producers and food safety.

Kenner starts his movie by tracing the changes in the Food inc research paper of the food industry over the years. He explains how the reduction in the number farmers and the corresponding increase in the size of each farm have made the few food manufacturers very powerful and influential.

In addition to this, he mentions the desire for efficiency in food cultivation and production at the expense of quality is responsible for the problems associated with food safety today. For example, feeding animals on corn rather than grass to increase yield, and reduce cost have led to an increase in the prevalence of virulent forms and drug resistant strains of pathogens such as E-coli.

Another cause of antibiotic resistance that Kenner does not detail in his documentary is the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in animal farming.

These pathogens are easily transferred to consumers through contaminated food. As concerned consumers, this practice raises our eyebrows on the undue power of food companies and the quality of meat that comes out from these slaughter houses.

The refusal of two giant food processing companies Tyson and Mausanto to comment in the movie may show the lack of transparency in the dealings of these food companies. The interest of the food industry on genetically modified foods according to Kenner has not been approached with enough evidence and regulation.

He casted examples of farms with non-genetically engineered soya bean, contaminated with genetically engineered soya bean. This cross contamination of natural foods with genetically modified genes is well known to pose a threat to consumers that are allergic to genetically modified foods. Kenner also highlights the challenges in food regulation and government policies that compromise the quality of food.

Kenner uses the failure of the United States Department of Agriculture to secure the legal backing to shut down food plants that had their product test consistently positive for E.

Kenner emphasized how consumers assume that every food is healthy, and remains disconnected and ignorant about the source and process of food manufacture. We consider his point to be of great importance. If eating is a personal behavior, consumers also have a role to play in choosing to eat what is healthy and demand accountability from the food industry.

The major problem with this film is that it spends a great deal of time expressing strong claims and making anecdotal assertions, and yet supports these claims with little or no data.

For example, in explaining the dangers associated with E. We agree that this is an effective way to put a face on the problem, but the remainder of the section on health presents no epidemiological data on of the prevalence or incidence of E.

Coli from their gut without further indicating the source of this information. Also, a great part of the film focuses on Monsanto and genetically modified soybeans.Question 1: Based on your viewing of Food, Inc., how does your view of “farm-fresh” and other marketing messages that suggest a more organic flow of food products relate to the realities of 21st-century marketing channels for food?

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Food, Inc. is best described as an invitation to the viewer to conduct further research and begin asking questions.

In that sense, this film deserves credit.

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Ashland applies its knowledge of polymer structure and function to find solutions to help keep your food products fresher longer. Box 1.

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