English coursework romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access English — romeo and Juliet coursework — who was to blame? Straight after his secret marriage Romeo encounters Mercutio challenging Tybalt to a duel, after Romeo tries to stop Mercutio fighting Tybalt kills him under Romeos arm, in revenge Romeo slays Tybalt. Before he leaves however he spends the night with Juliet this is the scene I will be studyingmeanwhile Lord Capulet has arranged for Juliet to marry County Paris but Juliet refuses, when even the nurse tells Juliet she should marry Paris she decides to go and see Friar Laurence to see if he can help.

English coursework romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5

Soon enough Juliet and are caught up in a conversation of ambiguity, with Juliet saying one thing and letting her mother take it the way she wishes, instead of what Juliet actually means, leading to a lack of understanding and proper communication.

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The audience would know what Juliet means, and know how Lady Capulet has taken it in the wrong way. Juliet is not mourning for Tybalt! Is Romeo and Juliet is infatuated or they are in love?

Essay After this, Lord Capulet enters into the bedroom, expecting to be greatly thanked for his effort in getting someone for Juliet to marry.

He, along with his wife, believes Juliet is grieving for the loss of Tybalt, and compares her to a ship on a sea of tears, which is just one of many metaphors involved in the play.

His daughter was classed as nothing on her own, and so he had to find some man to take her who was worthy to do just that.

During this moment of fury from her father, Juliet would go through a lot of trouble, because she would be wanting to tell her father why she cannot marry the one she has chosen, but cannot. The audience would also be feeling sympathy for Juliet, because her father is threatening to throw her out if she does not marry the person he wants her to.

They would also know why she cannot marry Paris, and feel for Juliet as she already has a husband, and she loves him.

If she has told Lord Capulet, what might he have done? Would he have gone as far as having her killed? Shakespeare could not let Juliet die at that point, as he had based the whole story on a well-known poem, and it might well have ruined the tension he has built up to this point.

This would have felt like a knife in the back for Juliet. The characters are detailed, and have their weaknesses and strengths, which all played a part to the storyline and made it a realistic drama for a Shakespearean audience.

All of the characters, whether they are main or just someone with one line, all have a part to play in the tension building, dramatic effect and end tragedy. His language use is superb, even if it is difficult to understand nowadays, and makes it a brilliant play to watch.

The reading of it is not the best, because it is not meant to be read, but is meant for a stage with cast and such.

English coursework romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5

The sympathy for the love of Romeo and Juliet is built up with the tension, until, at the end, it creates an eye watering piece of work. Choose Type of service.Romeo and Juliet coursework A commentary to go with Romeo’s diary entry for Tuesday morning (after Act 3 Scene 5).

A What is a commentary? This is an explanation of why Romeo has written his diary entry and what was going on at the time in the play. B Before you begin writing. Romeo And Juliet – GCSE English – Marked by GCSE; English only Romeo, Juliet and the Friar know about this Romeo and Juliet are joined in union just as Paris coincidentally begins to take an GCSE English – Romeo and Juliet Essay (Final) – Scribd My GCSE English essay on tension in Act 3, Scene 5 in Shakespeare x27;s Romeo .

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Romeo and Juliet English Coursework Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare Discuss how Shakespeare creates tension in Act 3, Scene 5,through his presentation of relationships between adults and children Act 3, Scene 5 is an important scene in the play because it shows a change inrelationships which greatly affects how the watching audience sees some of themajor characters in the play.

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In this piece of writing I will explain why Act III Scene V is one of the most important scenes in the play. The scene in question is extremely important in the whole outcome of the play because it is the last time Juliet will see Romeo alive.

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