Deserted cities of the heart

Him and I always interpreted Cream songs.

Deserted cities of the heart

This song has to be one of my favorite Jack Bruce compositions. Interestingly in Australia the album was sold as 2 single LP's.

I understand that the album overseas was sold as a double album selling over 35 million units. The cover design for world wide distribution was done by fellow Australian Martin Sharp who also designed the cover for Disraeli Gears. At the time Jack mentioned he was a reluctant 6 string player ,but his acoustic playing on this track is great.

Meanwhile his EB 3 is Buzzing along nicely. The solo by Eric was described by one writer as sounding a frenzied sitar sound. Well it had a different sound to it alright and suited the songs progressive direction perfectly and Gingers interpretation on sticks just couldn't be done any better.

The lyrics by Pete have a sad feel of unrequited love. The street is cold, its trees are gone. The story's told the dark has won. Once we set sail to catch your star. We had to fail, it was too far. It said, "My friend, love's end has come.

You drained it all to the last drop.


Chorus Now my heart's drowned in your love streams Guitar Solo.An anthropologist and his alienated brother reunite in a Mexico torn apart by earthquakes and revolution to reenact an ancient Mayan myth of the end of the world in .

As one third of the original Bronto Rock band, Cream, and often the loudest, Bruce has earned his share of enmity for the band’s egomaniacs-on-steroids approach to overplaying. Something has gone wrong. We're working on this issue, and we'll have things back to normal soon.

Deserted cities of the heart

Of artfully told lost love, “Deserted Cities of the Heart” is Cream ’68 in full studio flight, a richer sound afforded by rapidly advancing recording technology (although still short of the breathtaking step Led Zeppelin would make just months later on their first album). [D Dm Gm G F Eb E Em] Chords for Cream - Deserted Cities of the Heart with capo tuner, play along with guitar, piano & ukulele.

Deserted Cities of the Heart [Lewis Shiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With surpassing skill, Shiner creates a milieu of corruption, decay, and ultimate redemption--populated with a cast worthy of Robert Stone.

This savagely written novel is a total original. --James Ellroy4/5(5).

Deserted Cities of the Heart (Testo) - Cream - MTV Testi e canzoni