Control method

November 28, How-to Guide The following steps can be used in developing a control plan. Go to the downloads page to download a blank control plan form.

Control method

Some objectives may include Control method new markets for products, or maximizing earnings for primary shareholders. Top managers work toward their objectives by assigning specific duties to direct reports.

Their direct reports then assign tasks to employees within their departments. Top managers then take several key steps in controlling the progress of their goals. Establishing Performance Standards Top managers control their organizations by establishing certain performance standards.

These performance standards are often just more-clearly defined objectives. For example, the president of a company may want to increase market share and profits by five and 10 percent, respectively, in the new fiscal year.

He may also want his marketing vice president to introduce 10 new products within the year. Top managers usually hold various managers accountable for accomplishing goals and results through their specific job descriptions.

How-to Guide for Control Plans — Control Plans

These job descriptions must be clearly defined by both executives and human resources when direct reports are hired by top management. That way they can better determine if their managers are on track to meet these goals. They may have periodic review sessions with managers who fall short of their goals.

However, the major tool top managers use to control performance is the performance appraisal. Performance appraisals are usually conducted every six or 12 months. They often dictate whether an employee gets a raise.

Control method

Top managers also use performance appraisals to discuss where employees exceed or fall short on performance. Those who do not meet certain performance standards may be fired. Some may be put on an action plan to improve performance. An action plan can include additional training or education.

Organizational Structure The top managers in companies also use organization structure to control work flow and performance in their companies. Company executives strive to create organizational structures that best meet their needs. Some companies arrange their corporate structures around various functions, such as marketing, finance and engineering.

Companies with functional organizational structures often make the most efficient use of their resources, according to "Reference for Business," an online business reference site.Develop a control plan to maintain the improvements for the process Document control plan Yes Is Short and long term capability analysis results Designated control methods including: Other Tips in Documenting Improvements Utilize your team and / or affected individuals Test the procedure exactly as it is documented Outline a method for.

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Control method

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