Architectural thesis on low cost housing

Image Source As populations grow and cities become more crowded than ever, public housing has become an increasingly important issue for governments around the world. However, social housing is no longer limited to characterless blocks of concrete. These days, the aim is often to provide low-cost housing to individuals and families who need it — while still affording them the dignity of well-designed and distinctive homes. These modern public housing projects frequently incorporate eco-conscious designs and elements, as efficient energy usage tends to be a priority.

Architectural thesis on low cost housing

As the act of living gained complexity, so did the awareness for space definition. This basic requirement acquired many adjuncts and revealed itself in terms of social, political, religious, cultural and other needs.

Aside from geographical positioning-political, cultural, economic and technological environments have shaped and generated architectural norms that define the characteristic of a place.

And, in that manner, the architecture of a place eventually becomes the symbol and marker for its society. We as architects to be are concerned about the responsibility that the architectural profession has to the basic human needs of the society it serves.

"Designing Affordable Housing for Adaptability: Principles, Practices, " by Micaela R. Danko

In order for the profession to meet these responsibilities - to shelter, to a healthy work place, to a livable city - it must change and enlarge the parameters of practice.

We owe this to our country and our societies. We as architects must respond to the urgent social concerns. Given that housing demand is driven primarily by the two key factors of population growth and age structure, this means the demand for more homes, in particular at the lower segment of the market, is increasing rapidly in the region.

And like many countries, Jordan faces the challenge of rapid urbanization. We propose providing low cost housing without subsidy, guide new growth to create mixed income communities, and build sustainably in parallel with nature. Or you might find out that you earn too much to qualify for that housing.

But which families exactly?

Architectural thesis on low cost housing

By definition, half the families earn more and half the families earn less. The government uses MFI to create income categories. Each category is a percentage range based on MFI. Then the income categories are: It is therefore essential to move towards a new definition, where low-cost housing refers to the cost of building, but more importantly the running cost of the building, especially in terms of water and energy use.

It is also essential that low-cost does not relate to the quality of housing, especially that low quality construction will usually be more expensive to maintain over time. Low Cost Housing is a new concept which deals with effective budgeting and following of techniques which help in reducing the cost construction through the use of locally available materials along with improved skills and technology without sacrificing the strength, performance and life of the structure.

There is huge misconception that low cost housing is suitable for only sub standard works and they are constructed by utilizing cheap building materials of low quality. The fact is that Low cost housing is done by proper management of resources. Economy is also achieved by postponing finishing works or implementing them in phases.

The general annual demand for housing is around 32, units, of which 14, are needed by low-income households HSTYP, Also it support and develop the housing sector in Jordan through: And divided low-income family into three sections: The aspects which will be analyzed are the social, physical, and economical aspect.

The social aspect is analyzed through studying the culture of our society, and the family size, age, kinship, and religion are affecting the pattern of life and activities.

Here the schedule shows the comparison of three sites, Naour, Al-jezza, and Al-mostandeh. Potential built up area:In this thesis, I explore one way that architects can design affordable housing that is intrinsically sustainable.

In the past, subsidized low-income housing has been built as if to provide a short-term solution—as if poverty and lack of affordable housing is a short-term problem.

The School of Architecture and Built Environment. AFFORDABLE LOW COST HOUSING A thesis submitted in the fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Federal support for low-income housing has fallen drastically, and the deficit of available, adequate, affordable homes continues to grow.

In this thesis, I explore one way that architects can design affordable housing that is intrinsically sustainable.

Low Cost Sustainable Housing Prototype - Shashank's Work

The project was completed in and houses 56 low-cost apartments. Angers Social Housing – Maine-et-Loire, France. Image Source. French architectural firm Studio Bellecour designed the Angers social housing project in France’s Maine-et-Loire department, aiming to break the mold of the stereotypically negative “concrete block” synonymous with schemes of this nature.


Architectural thesis on low cost housing

P0F ∗ ABSTRACT. One of the most essential needs of people everywhere in the world is adequate housing. May Filed under research, architecture, housing Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad The design of the campus for TISS, Hyderabad is the winning design in an invited national competition.

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