An analysis of the importance of internet in todays society

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An analysis of the importance of internet in todays society

November 21, But sadly that is not the case. Constant enhancement and development of the business and the team are essential to surpass others in the market and have a competitive edge. This is largely possible through research. Research is not restricted only to medical and science fields but is an important aspect of any organisation — big or small.

A company consists of people and it is this team that steers the course of the business.

Businesses succeed or fail based on the decisions taken by these people in the organisation. Many organisations in industries like pharmaceuticals have a full fledged research and development division with quality control to ensure quality of product and invention of new products.

In such a scenario, research is an all time must for continuous upgrading of skills and knowledge of employees for quality deliverables.

Besides this, the deliverables by itself would need a vast amount of research to satisfy the requirements of clients. In-house research is needed in areas of professional and self development of the employees through training and mentoring.

Organisational research and analysis would also be required for assessment of performance management, process reengineering, departmental assessment and well-being of employees.

All the above mentioned research areas would involve the people directly as they are the ones who initiate all processes. Research in each of these areas can bring about meaningful and relevant implementation of policies and procedures for positive change within the organisation.

Performance management would require the managers to play a crucial role as facilitator and mentor to achieve excellent results. Besides motivating and encouraging the team, a manager needs to lead from the front.

An analysis of the importance of internet in todays society

A proper understanding of the employees and healthy interaction would be crucial factors for a manager to enhance performance of the individuals in the team. A good approach, right attitude and behaviour of the manager with proper systems in place would require sound research to understand and improve the system.

Process reengineering involves a detailed study of the existing processes and systems of the departments, inter-departments and also between units. A careful study would reveal the gaps existing in the system and suitable remedial or innovative solutions can be arrived at through analysis.

An analysis of the importance of internet in todays society

It would eliminate repetitive and waste activities with introduction of better and enhanced processes. Departmental assessment would involve understanding the purpose and processes of the department. If done by the department team, it provides a feeling of ownership and brings about a sense of responsibility.

The team would be able to identify what works well for them and what are the exercises that can be eliminated. With regard to the staff, a properly conducted research can reveal crucial information on their satisfaction quotient, the difficulties encountered by them and how the issues pertaining to relationships at the workplace can be tackled.

An analysis of the results would enable the management to bring about changes for the overall effective functioning of the organisation and its employees.

The employees can be mentored and trained based on the needs. This would facilitate personal as well as professional development enhancing overall organisational performance.

Besides research on the systems, an organisation requires research to improve their marketing and sales performance. The facts and figures of operations through proper accounting and financial systems would help in taking decisions on the feasibility and growth of the organisation.

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Ultimately, it is research that helps sustain a company. It would enable the management in decision making through careful analysis of the research output for the benefit of the organisation. Many organisations have been unable to sustain themselves and have fallen simply because of neglecting research and not keeping abreast of market trends and innovations.

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