Affect essay resistance wire

How does the length of a wire affect its resistance?

Affect essay resistance wire

The experiments will be investigating the relationship between the thickness of the wire and the length of the wire. I will connect up Affect essay resistance wire circuit like shown above, the power supply coming from a power pack.

A volt meter and an ammeter will be placed in series and the wire which I will be investigating, so will be changing, will run in parallel to the ammeter. The set up of the circuit will tell me exactly how much current is going through the circuit.

With this information I can put the figures into an equation that will work out how much resistance that particular wire has.

I chose to investigate length and thickness as they are both continuous as opposed to the type of wire which is ——. Once I have got the readings from the ammeter and voltmeter I can put the data into this equation. The range in thickness which I will use will be based on the standard wire gage SWG although the increase of SWG equals a decrease in the actual diameter of the wire.

I will use 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 SWG which is the equivalent of 0. For the length I will test ten different lengths of wire, increasing by a set amount each time to make it easier to plot a graph. I have chosen these readings as they will give me a definate pattern if there is one.

Once I have got my results I will retest all of the thicknesses and lengths a further two or three times and then take an average current which passes through each wire.

By doing this the results will be a lot more accurate and it may help to identify anomalies in my readings. There are a few things that need to be taken into mind in order for my results to be accurate.

The experiment has to be fair so that it is only length or thickness being altered and everything thing else which may affect the experiment is kept constant.

These are the procedures I will take in order to make the investigation fair. Other wires will act differently in the same situation. To keep the temperature down I will run a reasonably small voltage through the circuit.

Affect essay resistance wire

Preliminary For my preliminary I chose to investigate the relationship between the three different types of wire. The three wires which I could test were copper, contantane and nickel chrome. I set up a circuit like show on the previous page and tested the wires fairly.

I took 15cm of each wire at 0.

Affect essay resistance wire

I found from the results that nickel chrome had a resistance of 2 ohms, constantan had a resistance of 1. As I illustrated previously the electrons collide with the ions in the wire that the resistance of a wire is about.

The copper obviously has either smaller ions or just fewer ions than the other two wires. Constantan is the nest wire up with either small ions or fewer than nickel chrome. I will need to use the nickel chrome wire as it will be easier to record the larger results rather than the small results.

I think this will be the case as the thicker the wire is the larger the diameter is and there fore the room between the ions will be more spread out. This will allow more room for the electrons to pass by.

For the length experiment I predict that as the length increases the resistance will also increase. I think this as there are a lot more irons in a longer piece of wire so more electrons will be stopped.the Length of a Wire Affects Its Resistance In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance.

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Factors Affecting the Resistance of Wire Essay investigate the factors An experiment to investigate the factors which affect Resistance in a wire What is resistance?

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