A review of the book johnny tremain

Plot[ edit ] Johnny Tremain is apprenticed to a silversmithMr. One day, wealthy Jonathan Lyte asks Mr.

A review of the book johnny tremain

Spoilers Not entirely sure what constitutes a "spoiler", revelation of the plot lines, if I could have, I would have put a "? If talk about the song does that Still, it takes a tiny piece of detail to provoke interest in a film, surely a song isn't a spoiler????

I know the 's style of Walt Disney seems pretty corny to many folks today. But if old-fashioned values of integrity and honesty and straightforward dealings with other people is corny, then this nation could stand a pretty healthy dose of it, if you ask me.

I love the song, "The Songs of Liberty", and when the men returned from one of their enterprises to hang old-fashioned lanterns up all over on that big old oak tree, and their ladies came out of their homes and shops to join them to sing this song, well, it beat a "Hallmark" or Telephone commercial for me, I can tell you.

If my sons are home when I watch this, boy do they raze me good! It would be good for America to remember her roots, and a cute show like this does that in a very entertaining way.

You wanted to be there. And maybe you might want to learn a bit more about a few of the names that were dropped, as well.

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A review of the book johnny tremain

It was a two part program on Walt Disney's television show and then later it was stitched together for theatrical release, so popular did it prove. Just like Disney's Davy Crockett. You can plainly see the seams, but that really doesn't matter. The fictional character of Johnny Tremain who is an apprentice silversmith and his struggle to establish his birthright to the satisfaction of his loyalist uncle Sebastian Cabot is set against the background of Boston in the s.

As we well know the seeds of the American Revolution were planted there, it was a hotbed of latent treason to the British crown.

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As Johnny Tremain started as a juvenile novel the issues of the American Revolution are quite simply laid out so that even the lay historian can follow the issues and the events of the Boston Tea Party and later the Battles of Lexington and Concord pretty much as they actually occurred.

And the personalities of the Sons Of Liberty come wonderfully alive in this film. But in the few scenes he has Jeff York as James Otis steals the movie. There was a touch of genius in the casting of York and who would have suspected it because York normally played rough hewn frontier type characters.

It was totally against type that York was cast as the Back Bay Patriot with both genius and madness in his running in his veins. Otis and Johnny Tremain define the real issues of what became the American Revolution in the best acted scene in the film.

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Hal Stalmaster was a fine and earnest Johnny Tremain and was 'introduced' in this film. Why his career went nowhere after that is still a mystery. If grade school teachers are not using Johnny Tremain as a teaching tool when the kids are learning the American Revolution, shame on them."Johnny Tremain" is still a wonderful book.

It tells the story of a teenaged apprentice who learns the hard way what is his real value to his country. Of course, you can't mention silver and the Revolution without bringing Paul Revere into the story/5().

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain, the best and brightest of three silversmith apprentices, gets the whole household ready to work for the day. Johnny's future seems set—he will marry Cilla Lapham so he can inherit her grandfather's silver business and become Boston's best silversmith—until the .

Johnny Tremain, a silversmith's apprentice, takes part in the Boston Tea Party and the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first.

A review of the book johnny tremain

Parents need to know that Johnny Tremain is a rich, well-told tale set in Colonial America. It details daily life in the colonies and puts teen Johnny in the heart of the action as the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere's ride, and the battles at Lexington and Concord unfold.

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Start studying Johnny Tremain Chapters Test Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Johnny Tremain Discussion Guide Two dramatic years in his country's history are seen through the shrewd eyes of Johnny Tremain, whose life becomes dramatically bound up with some of the United State's most important patriots.

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